Hello, I am in Bangalore. I have been wanting some African Violets. Do you ship to Bangalore?

Name: Nanda Parrat                   Date: 10/4/2011

Sir, i found u from google search. i want to order many variety of plants from u. pls will me confirm whether u send plants to Odisha through courier. pls let me know in mail asap.

Name: Mr Jyoti Patel                   Date: 6/4/2012

Hi, do you ship to navi mumbai.?

Name: jbbhaskar                   Date: 8/19/2012

dear Sir, as per our telephonic conversation from Odisha that i have much interest on African Violets. 1. please specify me how many colors and variety you have? 2. i want with proper labeling like whether it is Miniature or Standard or Trailer variety? 3. have you multipetals? 4. what is the price per piece? HAVE YOU STREPTOCARPUS & GLOXINIA? Hooe to hear soon. thanks..

Name: Jyotirmay Patel                   Date: 10/22/2012

please specify me how many colors and variety you havein african violet 2. what is the price per piece?

Name: RAHANA                   Date: 11/4/2012

hello, i am interested in buying african violet. i am based in delhi. please confirm if you ship to delhi and how much it will cost me in all. thanks

Name: sonali paul                   Date: 2/12/2013

Hello , would love to get some African violets, I live in Assam , is it possible to get them here?

Name: S jalan                   Date: 8/5/2014

Sir I want some African violets in shaded blue and maroon. Do u have them ? if so how much it costs

Name: Taya herle                   Date: 10/24/2015

I'm intrested to buy it. Please tell me the cost per plant

Name: Rachita                    Date: 11/5/2017

I wNt to buy some African violets pls show the actual delivered plants and it's size

Name: sumi                   Date: 12/13/2017

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